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Our Vision

To provide social interactions & further the visibility of our LGBTQ+ community within Lake County, Fl.

We strive to create stronger bonds & encourage diversity by welcoming all allies & all members of the LGBTQ+ umbrella.

Our History

The Triangle Connection was founded in 2005 by LGBTQIA+ folks from the Florida cities of Eustis, Mount Dora and Tavares (a.k.a., The Golden Triangle). We are a not-for-profit recreational organization which offers social and service opportunities for the LGBTQIA+ community. The Triangle Connection is an inclusive group, coordinated by 100% volunteers. Its premiere Meet-n-Greets are attended monthly at local area restaurants by our network of growing members and participants. Our list of Events include a variety of activities with something for everyone.

Before The Triangle Connection  



Scot Cornwall, who helped found a similar social organization in his old Boston neighborhood of Dorchester, and his spouse Bill Opperman moved to northern Lake County in 2005.  After more than 25 years together, they were legally married in Massachusetts in 2004. Cornwall and Opperman – as well as Triangle Connection co-founders Ed Fenninger and Charly Schormann (also formerly of Boston and also legally married) – chose to make their home in this area due to the area locals doing such an excellent job of bringing the LGBTQ community together.


Other organizers and early supporters of The Triangle Connection include Bill Sievert and John Theis, spouses Sally Sellers and June Sellers, Joan Kennedy, Bob Dumais and Jamie Simpson, Bruce Freeman and Dale Gruber.

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Triangle Connection
Board Members

Henry Ollendick.jpg

Henry Ollendick


Born in Panama, Henry lived in Key West before moving to Mount Dora several years ago.  A strong leader among the Mount Dora merchants group, Henry is also part owner of the well-known Papilio, a plant & gift shop on Donnelly Street.  He lives in downtown Mount Dora. Henry is well connected within the commerce circles, City Hall and is well known by many in our community.


Nathan Boler

Vice President


Nathan was born and raised in Henry County, Kentucky. He is a Veteran of the United Sates Air Force. Nathan spent the last 7 years in the insurance business. The current insurance market has forced him to switch gears. He plans to attending law school so that he can join his husband to partner in his law firm, Earl Harmon Law.
Nathan enjoys spending time at Universal Studios and kayaking with friends.




Stephanie is a native of Pinellas County, Fl. After working for an amazing Doctor within the LGBT community back ho me & completing her Bachelor's, she took a chance and moved to Mount Dora for for a job opportunity in Health Care Management. Now Completing her Master's Degree, she has a bit more time to spend frolicking downtown with her amazing partner, Crissy Stile.




Tara is a local Firefighter/Paramedic in Mount Dora, where she has lived over 30yrs.

When she's not working she spends time with her partner 7 their 15 animals on their farm. She owns and manages two local Air BnB's, but loves to get away and travel whenever possible. Tara is happiest exploring the outdoors & is always down for a great cup of coffee or an IPA with friends.



Special Events Coordinator

Jamie is a licensed Mental Health Counselor by day & a social butterfly by night. Originally from Tampa, Jamie now calls Mount Dora home. She loves to travel and is always planning the next trip. She enjoys winding down the days with local food, fine wine and good company.


Bruce Cusic

Trans Awareness and Voter Advocacy

A native of North Florida, Bruce retired to Lake County a few of years ago. He quickly became an integral part of the Triangle Connection at one time even becoming President. today he spends his days supporting the Transgender community with trans educational seminars & awareness, as well as supporting other identities that may feel like outliers in the LGBTQ+ umbrella.

Darla Adam's.jpeg

Darla Adams

Trans Awareness and Voter Advocacy

A native of upstate New York, Darla and her husband Bert moved to Lake County a couple of years ago. She had a career in Human Services before retiring. Darla is the proud mom of two adult transgender sons.

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