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Our History

Not-for-profit organization which offers social and service opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community. Founded in 2005 . The Triangle Connection, Inc. Our inclusive group is coordinated by volunteers.It's premiere monthly meet-n-greets were held at a local restaurant, and our network of participants has been growing ever since, with a current e-mailing list of over 750 people.


We are focused on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for people of all sexual orientations and genders who live, love, work, play and visit Lake County's Golden Triangle neighborhoods of Mount Dora, Eustis, and Tavares, Florida and surrounding areas.

Our Vision

Strengthen the community’s cohesiveness. Create a safe environment for all.Build upon the needs of the people to implement solutions to alleviate environmental stressors.”

Before The Triangle Connection  


Based on the experience of Friends, the founders of The Triangle Connection decided to limit the scope of their offerings, focusing primarily on the monthly Meet & Greets while encouraging participants to launch and promote their own projects.


Scot Cornwall, who helped found a similar social organization in his old Boston neighborhood of Dorchester, and his spouse Bill Opperman moved to northern Lake County in 2005.  After more than 25 years together, they were legally married in Massachusetts in 2004. Cornwall and Opperman – as well as Triangle Connection co-founders Ed Fenninger and Charly Schormann (also formerly of Boston and also legally married) – chose to make their home in this area due to the area locals doing such an excellent job of bringing the LGBTQ community together.


Other organizers and early supporters of The Triangle Connection include Bill Sievert and John Theis, spouses Sally Sellers and June Sellers, Joan Kennedy, Bob Dumais and Jamie Simpson, Bruce Freeman and Dale Gruber.

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